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This is your home for reusable cloth menstrual and incontinence pads that are high quality, really comfortable, & beautiful!

Congratulations for seeking out a better choice for your personal needs! Whether you're tired of the monthly (or daily) expenses, or you are fed up with irritation and rashes where none should be, or you want to have a smaller environmental footprint, you've come to the right place! 

We have a wide range of reusable cloth products that fit your life - from menstrual or incontinence pads & period underwear, to reusable nursing pads, & toddler training pants. 

Reusable cloth pads by Garden of Eden

Looking for Cloth Pads that work?

We create a wide variety of pads - both for menstrual and incontinent use - that will suit most needs. Made from soft, absorbent, and often organic materials, our products are non-irritating and comfortable to wear, Coverage from light use to heavy post-partum needs, 

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Reusable cloth pads by Garden of Eden

Caring for reusable cloth pads

It's the #1 question customers ask. Rest assured, caring for your reusable cloth products couldn't be easier! Most of our products are simply washed with your other laundry. And, with 3 simple steps, caring for your menstrual pads will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and give you years of use.

How to care for pads