Why would you EVER try cloth pads?!

Haven't we all been "liberated" from the durge of using rags, scraps, and other pretty dreadful materials during our periods? Isn't that what disposable pads are all about: liberating us from the restricitve, belted, and damn ugly things women used to stop menstrual blood from flowing down their legs?! Like THIS gem from the 1920s?

Well, sister: maybe not. The disposable menstrual pads of today are perhaps not the best solution to the problem any more. Early disposable pads were made from natural materials like cotton batting; plain & simple. Sure they were ridiculous to wear but they were just fabric, even if they were scraps from your dad's old flannel shirt. Today's disposable pad manufacturers don't have to tell you what their products are made of at all and you can bet it's not always just cotton! For some enlightening discussion of what's in today's disposable pads, visit Dr. Mercola's website .

All of this is to say that women who have made the switch to reusable cloth pads - for both menstrual AND incontinence needs - have found a true solution to suffering through disposable pads, not to mention the on-going expense of them. They gave cloth pads a chance and it changed the way they experience their periods forever.

Here are some thoughts from women who have purchased various Garden of Eden products. With thanks to the customers who have taken the time to share their thoughts and experiences!

​I have been using Garden of Eden’s menstrual pads for about 5 months now. I was having terrible reactions to “Always” or “Kotex” because of the material on the top of the pad. Having to deal with a period is enough of a discomfort without adding a rash/aggravated skin after your cycle is done. I’ve found using the Garden of Eden cloth pads I no longer have any irritation problems. I have also found my periods shorter and I don’t have as much discomfort since I switched. They are easy to clean and take care of, and one less thing to worry about picking up at the grocery store. I love them! - Leanne L., Oshawa, ON

​A friend of mine picked up a sample of your breast pads a few moths ago to test out (she wasn't nursing and passed them to me). I just had my second child three weeks ago and have been using my normal bamboo circle pads (various brands) with yours mixed in as fast as I can wash them.I absolutely LOVE the design (stays put in my nursing bra vs circle pads crumpling and spinning) and super absorbancy! (more layers than just the single/double bamboo I have which leak). I am currently ordering more off of your site right now! - Jennifer I., Pickering, ON

In our disposable world it is so nice to have a dependable, reusable, quality product. I highly recommend everyone try Garden of Eden Reusables menstrual pads. They are excellent. They REALLY work. Tell your daughters. Tell you mothers. Tell your sisters. - Maria O., Douro, ON

I am an 81 year old woman who has begun having incontinence problems. I found the adult “diapers” or incontinence pads were bothering my skin. I developed a rash and couldn’t get any relief. I decided to try Garden of Eden Reusables and I wouldn’t go back to store bought again. I have many pads and I’ve also tried the underwear with built-in pad. The underwear is great for overnight, everything stays in place. Garden of Eden Reusables have been a God-send. - Anna B., Oshawa, ON

...So, what are the options for any woman wanting to go green and toxin free? I have been using a diva cup as well as reusable cloth panty liners. I like panty liners from Garden of Eden because they are both absorbent and comfortable. Reusable panty liners are super easy to use, to wash, and — as an extra plus — they save both money and the planet. For nighttime, I use a maxi pad that’s a little longer and have a few more layers at the core. They can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. In cold weather I use the washing machine. I like to air dry mine, but you can also dry them in a dryer. - www.green-mom.com