Supporting Local Artisan Events

I love going to local crafter events, both as a visitor and as a vendor! Where else can you see the most unique (and, let's be honest, sometimes weird) creations that come from the brains of creative people? They are havens for those on the hunt for something new, and made by hand with love. We can all agree that the world needs more of this!!

One of the first events I ever participated in was the 30 Craft Market in beautiful East City, Peterborough, ON. Cheryl Edwards is the awesome organizer of these several-times-a-year events. Relaxed and friendly, the 30 Craft Market is also home to some great regular vendors, like moi. And the visitors to the sale are always up for a great find. The shows are small compared to some others (usually about 30 - 40 vendors) so there's a lot of time available to talk to customers, ask questions, and really get a feel for what their needs are (this is particularly important with what I'm selling!!!). Sometimes it's a slog to get out the door on a snowy morning, and sometimes I have to take a couple of kids along with me if my dear husband is working (and this always costs me money, because my 2 girls enjoy the shows as much as I do!!!!!) but I have always found it a great way to spend a Saturday.

Cheryl asked several of the vendors to participate in a interview and I was honoured to be one of them. The point was to give a little insight into my own "crafting story" and to provide a window into what I do and how I make my products. I was happy to oblige.

If you're interested in reading my interview, you can find it here:

And I'll look forward to seeing you out at the next artisan/crafter event! Don't forget to check out the "RETAIL" tab for all the details of where I'll be next.

Have a great day!