About Reusable Cloth Incontinence Pads

What's the difference between cloth MENSTRUAL PADS and cloth INCONTINENCE PADS? While the basic premise is the same for these amazing cloth pads, the construction of the core is slightly different.

Reusable cloth incontinence pads need something that will hold thin liquids (ie. urine) vs. thick liquids (ie. menstrual blood). While a menstrual pad can get away with something as simple as basic cotton flannel, incontience pads require a bit more in the way of specialized material. Hence, our pads use several configurations of core materials such as: organic hemp fleece, athletic wicking jersey, lyocell/organic cotton terry, organic cotton/bamboo fleece, cotton flannel, etc.

Watch this brief video for a bit more information about these insert-style incontinence pads and how exactly to use them.